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The Center for Natural Lands Management (CNLM) protects and manages preserves in the states of California and Washington. All of the preserves provide refuge for threatened or endangered species or protect rare and sensitive habitat such as wetlands. Our focus is perpetual conservation and our preserves have enduring legal protections such as our ownership of the property, deed restriction, conservation easement, and/or perpetual management agreement. Each preserve is assigned to a specific member of the CNLM stewardship staff with expertise in the species or habitat type, thereby establishing a direct, personal and continuing relationship that provides the context needed for the best care for the species on site, continued learning about the conservation values, and adaptive management.

Although most of CNLM’s preserves are too vulnerable to allow public access, there are some preserves with public trails. Those preserves are clearly indicated in the “public access” tab on each preserve webpage. We encourage you to visit all of our preserves through the virtual experience offered by our webpages and to share in our awe of these remarkable places and populations, and to help us protect them with your time, expertise, or philanthropy.

For a map of California preserves click, here.

For a map of Pacific Northwest preserves click, here.

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