Area: 55 acres

Location: City of Lakeside, San Diego County, California

Date Acquired: 2000-2001

Acquisition Type: CNLM owns the preserve.  We protect and manage imperiled species and habitats on the preserve in perpetuity.

Key Habitats: Coastal Sage Scrub

Species of Special Interest to CNLM:  Coastal California gnatcatcher (Polioptila californica californica), Orange-throated whiptail (Aspidoscelis hyperythra beldingi) and Rufous-crowned sparrow (Aimophila ruficeps).


The Woodridge Preserve is located approximately one mile west of Lake Jennings in Lakeside, California. The 55-acre site was set aside in 1999 by KB Home as mitigation for habitat loss resulting from the development of the Woodridge community and its impacts to Diegan coastal sage scrub and the federally threatened coastal California gnatcatcher (Polioptila californica californica). Although the site is surrounded by homes and roads, it does form a part of a west to east corridor that connects natural open space in the region and is significant for the coastal California gnatcatchers. Views from the site include El Capitan Mountain and Miramar.

Conservation Significance

This Preserve is predominantly composed of Diegan coastal sage scrub. Notable species include three to four pairs of coastal California gnatcatchers, rufous-crowned sparrows (Aimophila ruficeps), and orange-throated whiptails (Aspidoscelis hyperythra beldingi).

Our Work

The focus of management at this Preserve is to control non-native plant species (primarily Eucalyptus spp.), monitor plants and wildlife, and control access. Ongoing monitoring activities primarily include focused surveys for the coastal California gnatcatcher.

Public Access

The Preserve site is about 1 mile southeast of the intersection of State Route 67 and Mapleview Road, between Pino Drive and Morning Glory Drive. There is a public access trail that connects the community to the local school at the bottom of the hill.

Download Map(s) of Woodridge:

Woodridge Location and Trail Map


 For information about Woodridge Preserve or Center for Natural Lands Management, please contact Tobin Weatherson, Preserve Manager at tweatherson@cnlm.org or 760.731.7790 extension 232.