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Anika Goldner
CNLM Nursery Program Supervisor
(760) 731-7790 Ext. 313

For volunteer information:
Justine Mischka
Volunteer & Native Seed Specialist
(760) 731-7790 Ext. 324

Washington Native Plant Nursery

The Center for Natural Lands Management’s Native Seed Nursery in the South Puget Sound area of Washington state provides native seed supplies and related services primarily in Western Washington.  Our core purpose is to improve the availability of regionally specific native seed for a network of land managers who have a conservation objective.  Often, these seed are provided to enhance rare habitat types and contribute towards the recovery of rare and endangered species that depend upon these habitats.  In addition to cooperative regional seed production, we provide custom seed increase services, greenhouse propagation of restoration plugs, wildland seed collection, seed cleaning, seed storage, and seed mix development for specific restoration projects.

Regionally significant conservation gains are best accomplished by coordination at a landscape level.  CNLM applies this approach to native seed production.  The nursery works closely with land managers to identify the species and quantities of seed that will be needed to meet restoration targets in the near term; local experts are engaged to collect germplasm; joint funding is sought to initiate seed production at the appropriate scale; and working group meetings are held to further communication and collaboration.

CNLM utilizes a non-competitive approach to native seed development and coordinates with other regional native plant and seed growers to make native seed as widely available and as affordable as possible.  This strategy involves interactions with commercial growers, other non-profit nurseries, and government agencies, with the goal of increasing the diversity of seed available to a wider range of land managers and reducing the cost of locally adapted native seed.