Volunteer Opportunities

CNLM has many volunteer opportunities at South Puget Sound Preserves (in Washington), Riverside County Preserves, San Diego County Preserves, Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve and Dana Point Preserve.

South Puget Sound Preserves (Washington state)

Across the South Sound and Olympia area CNLM hosts volunteer events and workshops on many of our preserves and at our Native Seed Farm and Nursery.  Our South Sound staff welcomes volunteers to assist in a variety of tasks.  On our preserves these include removing exotic invasive species (otherwise known as ‘weeds’), burning slash piles, monitoring native plants, collecting and spreading seeds, and participating in the annual Prairie Appreciation Day in May of each year.  At our Native Seed Farm and Nursery our volunteers assist in wild seed collection, weeding raised beds, planting and seeding plugs for production harvesting seed, and participating in native plant workshops.  If interested in helping us, please sign up for the volunteer mailing list to be notified about our weekly volunteer events or contact Justine Mischka, Volunteer Coordinator, to learn more about getting involved and public outreach and education opportunities.

Justine Mischka
Phone: (760) 731-7790 x. 324

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San Diego County Preserves

Our San Diego County preserves offer volunteer activities to advance our conservation efforts.  These activities include habitat restoration, biological surveys, trail maintenance, flyer distribution, public outreach and more! Contact: info@cnlm.org 

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Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve

Our Thousand Palm Oasis Preserve offers several volunteer activities to advance our conservation efforts.  Regular volunteers are needed to act as Docents in our Preserve Visitors’ Center, hike leaders and trail maintenance technicians. Other opportunities are offered occasionally. Contact:   Ginny Short, Preserve Manager Phone/Fax:  (760) 343-1234 gshort@cnlm.org

Dana Point Preserve

The Dana Point Preserve offers volunteer activities to advance our conservation efforts.  These activities include habitat enhancement, erosion control, and trail maintenance.  The City of Dana Point also has volunteer opportunities at their Nature Interpretive Center for public education and outreach. Contact: Korie Merrill , Regional Preserve Manager Phone:  (760) 731-7790 x. 204 kmerrill@cnlm.org

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