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As we believe that sharing valuable information is an important component of our work, we provide advice and best practices in land stewardship to agencies, landowners, and the general public who share our dedication to protect our imperiled species and their habitats in perpetuity.  We invite you to read our latest posts, articles and publications provided on this page.

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  • Rogers, D.L., Washburn, L.K., Birker, C., Labbé, M.A., Campbell, M.A., and A.D. Schreier. 2024.  Genomic and common garden data reveal significant genetic differentiation in the endangered San Fernando Valley spineflower Chorizanthe parryi var. fernandinaConserv Genet (2024).
  • Titus, A.B. 2024. Western Kingbird (Tyrannus verticalis) feeds Pacific Chorus Frog (Pseudacris regilla) to fledglings. Western Wildlife, Vol 11.
  • Waters, S. 2018. A new tool in conservation of prairies and other plant communities: plant-pollinator network science. Douglasia 42(3):6-9.
  • Applestein, C.A., J.D. Bakker, E.G. Delvin, and S.T. Hamman2018. Evaluating seeding methods and rates for prairie restoration. Natural Areas Journal 38(5):347-355.
  • Lincoln, A.E., R.K. Brooks, and S.T. Hamman. 2018. Off-target impacts of graminoid-specific herbicide on common camas (Camassia quamash) growth, abundance, reproduction and palatability to herbivores. Northwest Science 92(3):166-180.
  • DeWoody, J., D.L. Rogers, V.D. Hipkins, and B.A. Endress. 2018.  Spatially explicit and multi-sourced genetic information is critical for conservation of an endangered plant species, San Diego Thornmint (Acanthomintha ilicifolia). Conservation Genetics.
  • Smith, S. 2017. Regional native seed cooperatives: working toward available, affordable, and appropriate native seed. Native Plants Journal 18(2): 126-134.
  • Calabria, L.M, K. Petersen, S.T. Hamman, and R.J. Smith. 2016. Prescribed fire decreases lichen and bryophyte biomass and functional group diversity in Pacific Northwest prairies. Northwest Science 90(4): 470-483.
  • Dunwiddie, P.W. and D.L. Rogers. 2016. Rare species and aliens: Reconsidering non-native plants in the management of natural areas. Restoration Ecology. 22 SEP 2016, DOI: 10.1111/rec.12437
  • Dunwiddie, W. and R.A. Martin. 2016.  Microsites Matter: Improving the Success of Rare Species Reintroductions. PLoS ONE 11(3): e0150417. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0150417
  • Krock S., S. Smith, C. Elliott, A. Kennedy, and S.T. Hamman. 2016. Using smoke-water and cold-moist stratification to improve germination of native prairie species. Native Plants Journal 17(1): 19-27.
  • Martin, A.M. and S.T. Hamman. 2016Ignition patterns influence fire effects and plant communities in Pacific Northwest prairies. Fire Ecology 12(1): 88-102.
  • Rogers, D.L. and P.E. McGuire. 2015. Genetic erosion: Context is key. Pp 1-24 in M.R. Ahuja and S.M. Jain (eds). Genetic diversity and erosion in plants. Indicators and prevention. Vol. 1. Springer International Publishing AG. Switzerland.
  • Meek, M.H., C. Wells, K.M. Tomalty, J. Ashander, E.M. Cole, D.A. Gille, B.J. Putman, J.P. Rose, M.S. Savoca, L. Yamane, J.M. Hull, D.L. Rogers, E.B. Rosenblum, J.F. Shogren, R.R. Swaisgood, and B. May. 2015. Fear of failure in conservation: the problem and potential solutions to aid conservation of extremely small populations. Biol. Cons. 184: 209-217.
  • Tewksbury, J.J., J.G.T. Anderson, J.D. Bakker, T.J. Billo, P.W. Dunwiddie, et al. 2014. Natural History’s Place in Science and Society. BioScience 64: 300-310.
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  • Hasselquist, E.M., N.J. Hasselquist, and D.L. Rogers. 2013. Management of non-native annual plants to support recovery of an endangered perennial forb, Ambrosia pumila. Restoration Ecology 21: 224-231.
  • Simpson, M.G., J.P. Rebman, K.E. Hasenstab-Lehman, C. M. Guilliams, 2013. P.O. McConnell. Cryptantha wigginsii (Boraginaceae): A Presumed Extinct Species Rediscovered. Madroño 60: 24-34.
  • Warrick, G.D. 2012. Effects of False Chinch Bugs on Spiny Saltbush in the San Joaquin Valley, California. Southwestern Entomologist 37: 335-339.


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