PARdon me, What’s that App?

  |   CNLM News

CNLM staff announced today that their recently designed “PAR App” is available to the public on a subscription basis. Based on previous versions of CNLM’s “PAR” program (Property Analysis Record) and decades of experience, the PAR App reflects improvements in accessibility and functionality of this important conservation tool. CNLM created the original “PAR” program in the early 1990s as a means to prepare more professional, objective, and detailed estimates of the costs of perpetual stewardship on conservation lands. Since then, the “PAR” has become synonymous with quality and transparency in stewardship cost estimation and has become a generic term for any such cost analysis.

CNLM’s Board of Directors saw the need to bring the PAR software into the 21st century and supported this investment in the PAR App. Comments Jim Harter, a long-time and recently retired Board Director, “the PAR App is supported by Quick Base and thus, being a cloud-based platform, can be accessed from anywhere that the internet is available.” The staff team devoted to this project also made some improvements to the structure of the information presented in the output (PAR report), created useful summary tables, and added other features including the ability to more easily clone a PAR, include comments, and export data to a spreadsheet.

Information on the comparison of PAR3 and the PAR App and how to subscribe to the PAR App is available here.

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