Mather Preserve – CNLM Stewardship and Splash Education

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CNLM recently became the Preserve Manager of the Mather Preserve, an approximately 1,339-acre preserve owned by the County of Sacramento, protected and managed for its vernal pool habitat and listed species. CNLM is responsible for preserve stewardship including developing and implementing science-based practices for vegetation management and biological monitoring, and coordinating with other stakeholders for conservation-related and conservation-compatible activities. On April 18, 2017, CNLM staff visited the Splash office and Mather Preserve to observe Splash’s Elementary Program: Investigating Vernal Pools. Splash is a non-profit organization that has the mission of helping children understand and value their natural world through science education and outdoor exploration. CNLM enjoyed participating in the classroom activities and field trip for a fifth-grade class where the students learned more about the ‘critters’ found in vernal pools, the plants along their edges, and the pollinating insects.