Lindsay Wildlife Experience: We’ve got your back!

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When floods in the spring of 2017 inundated CNLM’s Oxbow Preserve in Lathrop, California, CNLM Preserve Manager Erik Gantenbein provided some additional onsite protection for the endangered resident riparian brush rabbit and monitored the site carefully and frequently, looking for any rabbits in distress. However, although prepared to rescue any distressed rabbits, he was concerned about how to care for them temporarily, should their removal be indicated. CNLM’s Director of Conservation Science and Stewardship, Dr. Deborah Rogers, knew where to go for support. One call to the Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek, California, and a plan was in place. Lindsay staff—including the veterinarians, managers, and volunteers who attend to injured and orphaned wildlife in service of that organization’s mission—offered support without hesitation. Said Dr. Cheryl McCormick, Lindsay’s Executive Director: “We were thrilled to be approached to forge an innovative partnership with CNLM to offer Lindsay’s wildlife rescue and rehabilitation skills and organizational capacity in mitigating threats to the Oxbow Preserve population of riparian brush rabbits”.

Although removal and fostering of rabbits ultimately was not needed during this year’s flood, the experience made a lasting impression on both organizations. “We realized how compatible were the missions of our organizations”, reflected Dr. Rogers. Lindsay’s focus is on creating a public awareness of wildlife that is more informed and conservation-oriented, supporting the inspirational experience of nature, and rehabilitating injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife. CNLM’s focus on managing wildlife ‘in situ’ and supporting the recovery and persistence of endangered species in the wild creates the conditions for a mutually beneficial partnership. CNLM and Lindsay recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding that recognizes this compatibility in mission and outlines opportunities for each organization to provide support for the other and to work together to enhance their respective missions.


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Photo caption: Dr. Deborah Rogers, CNLM (left) meets with Dr. Cheryl McCormick, Lindsay Wildlife Experience (right) at Lindsay’s facility in Walnut Creek. ‘Shadow’ (center), a rescued and resident great grey owl and wildlife ambassador for Lindsay, helped celebrate the initiation of this partnership.