CNLM presents at California Native Plant Society’s Conservation Conference

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CNLM presents at California Native Plant Society’s Conservation Conference, Jan 13-17, 2015!

This conference, celebrating 50 years of conservation progress, drew conservation professionals and enthusiasts together to present and discuss important information on the conservation of native plants in California.  With more than 300 presenters and more than 1,000 estimated in attendance, participants included botanists, land managers, researchers, regulatory agency staff, consultants, and other professionals.  CNLM was a proud sponsor of this important conference and its staff provided information on four diverse topics related to the science and stewardship of rare and endangered plant species:

    •  Management of the cryptic threats of genetic erosion, inbreeding depression, and maladaptation, presented by Deborah L. Rogers (click here for abstract)
    • Essential ingredients for effective use of grazing in the context of conserving listed plant species, presented by Catherine A. Little and Deborah L. Rogers (click here for abstract)
    • Maintaining the fuel zone for T&E species, presented by Kim Klementowski and Deborah Rogers (click here for abstract)


  • Nine years of monitoring the rare annual clay lens obligate San Diego thornmint, Acanthomintha ilicifolia (Lamiaceae): General relationships and possible drivers of abundance, presented by Patrick McConnell and Markus Spiegelberg (click here for abstract)

 Post Date: January 27, 2015