Center for Natural Lands Management Receives Generous Donation from Estate

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The Center for Natural Lands Management’s (CNLM) Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve was recently the beneficiary of a legacy donation from the Estate of a visitor to the Preserve.  The Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve, part of the Coachella Valley Preserve System, is one of the few preserves owned and managed by CNLM that is also open for the enjoyment of the public.  The Preserve is a favorite hiking destination for many folks living in and visiting the Palm Springs area.  This gracious donor remembered us during his estate planning and for that, CNLM, and the staff of the Thousand Palms Oasis, are grateful.  This donation and others are used to protect and restore imperiled species and their habitats found on the Preserve.  This includes our restoration of the desert pupfish pond, maintenance and preservation of our unique desert wetlands, and the protection of the California fan palm oasis.  Click here to read more about CNLM management of this Preserve. If you wish to donate, please visit the CNLM website and click on DONATE NOW.