PAR App Subscription Information

Please review the following information prior to submitting a PAR App subscription form:

  • The CNLM PAR App is available on a subscription basis—for either a six-month or twelve-month term.
  • When a subscription ends (and is not continued with a renewed subscription), any PAR data are not retained.  As such, an important practice for PAR subscribers is to retain their PAR Reports (in pdf) and, if desired, export data tables to (csv) spreadsheets.
  • Pricing is related to the type of business as well as the term of the subscription.
Subscription period Non-profit Government For-profit
6 months $200 $500 $1,450
12 months $300 $800 $2,400

*Note, to obtain Non-profit pricing you will need to attach an IRS determination letter to the subscription form.

  • To use the App, you’ll need internet access and the Google Chrome internet browser (free download).
  • If interested in purchasing a subscription, complete and submit the form below for an invoice.  Once paid, you will receive an e-mail providing access to the PAR App.

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