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Saturday, 19 April 2014
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The Center's preserve portfolio stretches from the sea coast to the deserts, and from the Mexican border to the Humboldt Bay. These lands often are centered on "biodiversity hotspots", places that support large numbers of species, including an unusually high number of threatened and endangered species. The preserves are set aside and managed for the continued existence of native plants and animals, and for the appreciation of people today and in future generations. Many of the preserves are open to the public and include hiking, photography, and educational opportunities. Other preserves may be too sensitive for unsupervised access, but guided tours are often available. We encourage you to visit our preserves and experience these remaining islands of California's rich natural heritage.

By clicking on a preserve name on the menu bar to the right, you will be introduced to each of the preserves the Center manages.  If you would like to participate in our stewardship of these preserves, contact information is given at the end of each preserve page or you can look in the Volunteering section.  We hope you will enjoy the natural treasures we protect.


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